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 Construction of the church De Duif started in April 1857. The plan was made by Th. Molkenboer, an architect from Leiden. The church was named after a peace-pigeon depicted on a small house in de Kerkstraat. After a thorough restoration the church came into use again in November 2002.

The best way to get to the Church De Duif from Amsterdam Central Station, is to take tram 4, Destination RAI and get off Utrechtsestraat/Prinsengracht. Also tram 24 is possible; you have to get off  at Vijzelgracht/Prinsengracht. Then it is a 5 minutes walk to the church. It is also possible to take the metro line 52 going "Zuid" .Get out at the stop "Vijzelgracht"   More information; www.gvb.nl.

Parking advice

Parking in Amsterdam is expensive, but during the weekend you can park almost for free in one of the [P+R] parkings. It takes just one euro to park a whole day, but you will have to use the tramway to go towards the center. At your return in the [P+R] you have to enter your [P] ticket and your Tramway ticket, and then you just pay 1 euro!

For a visit to the Fair in De Duif we advice to park at [P+R] A'dam RAI, take TRAM 4 (direction Centrum) and stop at "Prinsengracht".

It is also possible to use the metro-line number 52, direction "Zuid"; exit at "Vijzelgracht".


During the Fair the catering will be provided by Berdien Siere of Siere Cateraars.

Info; www.siere.com